Plastic Warriors · Chaos Chancer

[Cover of Weather the Cuckoo Likes] As any good Cut-Up knows, Chaos Chancer is a rather unpredictable condition. This has the unfortunate side-effect for the gamemaster that every appearance of C. A. Radford can involve a whole series of dice rolls to figure out who he/she is this time round.

This web page makes it easier on the GM by making the die rolls. Below is one incarnation of C.A. Radford, created following the character description on pages 16 through 21 of Weather the Cuckoo Likes. It does not give the whole description—partly because that would take up far too much space, but mainly because it might not sit too wel with Atlas Games if this page were to take away their sales of this way cool Over The Edge supplement :) Anyway, you only get the basics (usually the first line of each entry) and will have to look in the book to get the whole story.

If this incarnation of C. A. Radford does not suit you, simply reload the page!