Plastic Warriors · Over The Edge

In this game of weird conspiracies, anything and everything could happen.

More information about the game can be found at the site of the publisher, Atlas Games.


Character Sheet

A simple, two-page character record sheet for Over The Edge. It is basically the same as the sheet in the second edition rulebook, but (if I may say so) this one looks a bit better :) Or at least, less plain.

The file has two sheets: one for your essential character data (name, background, drawing, etc.) and the other to keep a log of your character's exploits.

Designer: Gurth

Formats available: *Portable Document Format

PDF |  179 kilobytes


Chaos Chancer

As any good Cut-Up knows, Chaos Chancer is a rather unpredictable condition. This has the unfortunate side-effect for the gamemaster that every appearance of C. A. Radford can involve a whole series of dice rolls to figure out who he/she is this time round. Read more …

Author: Gurth

Operating System: Any. As long as you have a web browser capable of executing JavaScript, you can use the Chaos Chancer.